Favorite Pokemon??

Do YOU have a favorite pokemon character??
tell us what is is..

Nidoking all the way!! :D


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Magneton cuz he has least weaknesses, only fire and fighting cuz he floats and ground moves can't do damage
this thread is awesome! bulbasaur by far, because he looks cool and is green and has a husky voice
I prefer Ninetales because in most of the games,they are classified as "uncommon" or "rare",I like being unique! They also have very good moves and are pretty powerful.
Mewtwo, because I think it'd be great to have an intelligent conversation with a Pokemon! ^__^
Toss up between Snorelax (who I am), and MewTwo (who I want to be). :D

I guess being a Honu I should desire to be Wortortle.
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