Favorite Pokemon??

Do YOU have a favorite pokemon character??
tell us what is is..

Nidoking all the way!! :D


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Oh my god, I love this thread so much!


are probably my favourites, but there are just so many that I love! And here I was feeling embarrassed for still playing Pokemon in my twenties... :D
Exeggutor has always been one of my favourites.
Almost every pre generation IV psychic type has been fantastic, though i have been loving my Gallade in Soulsilver

But in all seriousness, it's gotta be Mew. None of that MewTwo garbage, just Mew.
I'm so behind the times that I only recently found out that Tangela and Piloswine evolve. I'm Slowpoke. :B
I actually just started playing pokemon about 10 years or so after the trend. I'm 22, going on 23... LOVE IT. Who says that kids games are just for the kiddies ;)
Favorite pokemon? Would have to be Sandslash - he just looks so cool and I would hate to cop an earthquake from that mofo!
Whenever I mess around with my old copy of Red Version, my favorites are my Zapdos and Charizard.
MIne is the almighty squirtle the turtle.
I'm going with a classic :)


Oh, and I've always loved mudkips :3

godda love that sandshrew
Scizor FTW!!! Awesome attack, speed and moveset :D
Favorite pokemon?
I'd have to say Teddyursa and Ursaring, cuz i can relate to them!
teddyursa is thought of as an infant pokemon when you first look at it and it is also light colored. but then it gets older and evolves into Ursaring! which is older looking and DARKER.
yup, i can relate to that.
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