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Nov 25, 2007
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Kauai HI
I'm curious what kind of sports everyone one is in to? I am a huge MMA and NHL fan. Don't participate in either but I love the sports. I used to play inline hockey but not so much anymore. I a n00b college football fan too now that UH is doing so good.

I came out of retirement for tennis earlier this year to lay the smack down on Aldrine after all of his challenges. :D

That would be the 2nd time I beat Aldrine in something...(he knows what I'm alluding to) actually, I beat him in Mario Kart Double Dash as well after all his crap talking so it would be the 3rd time.

I also beat him once in Mario Tennis... but he usually beats me in that.

Anyways, favorite sports?

p.s. Aldrine when you read this, you know I love you man. hahahaha.
i am a huge baseball and nhl fan, my family and i are season ticket holders for the Angels, as we have been since the 70's. when it comes to the NHL i am a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Kings, however i had to give them up this year since i am moving next month. Baseball is my passion however.
College Football

I follow college football. You have to in Nebraska. I lived in south Florida the last ten years and became a Hurricanes fan as well. Beware college football, for that way leads to heartbreak and madness.
Volleyball. I've been watching UH mens volleyball since I was 11.
Im a real big swimer and i love to play waterpolo
the down side is that not alot of other people are lol
i actualy want to go to hawaii for college and join their swim team
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Badminton
I've been playing tennis every week lately. I hope I start to get better. It's no fun having to go get the ball outside. :p
I have always been attracted to sports with a risk of personal physical damage. It must be the adrenaline rush from it. If I ever play a sport like golf, I have to put money on it to make it exciting bec. there is no risk involved otherwise.

I have been really involved in the following: Lacrosse (played H.S. and college) Mt. biking (raced for about 10 years) Snowboarding.......Bodyboarding super shallow spots/shorebreak etc.

I also like college sports typically more than pro bec. you KNOW they are giving it 100% out there ALL the time bec. they want to turn pro.

Grew up in SD, but went out of state to UofA. I love UofA sports.
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breakdancing but not that much anymore, im too lazy to do it lol
Drag Racing, I have been involved since i was a kid, i used to play apa pool, but that is boring to watch on tv.
Basketball (Go Warriors!) & Baseball. I was at that ballpark for most of Bonds' milestone HR's (Season 71 & 73, HR 661, 700, 715, 756) =P
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