Favourite brand of ukulele?

Kraftex. :giggle:
(Among the many “made in China” monikers for $29.00 DIY kits sold on Amazon.)
I've played so few, I don't know that I can say anything about a favorite. But, I do love my Enya EUR-X1 (hpl).
It doesn’t matter what you’ve played or owned, it doesn’t matter how good or bad any of them are, and their relative excellence doesn’t matter either. To be a favourite all that matters is what you as an individual think of what you’ve had - or otherwise used - and enjoyed. I’ve had several of the old Mahalo U30’s and each of them has given me joy, I wouldn’t say that the old Mahalo brand is my favourite - Ohana has wrestled that tittle away from Kala - but someone else might justly do so.

For what it’s worth here’s an EUR-X1 being played by someone I’ve taken notice of over the years; though not his No 1 Uke he really likes his too and has had some really good instruments: .
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Over the years, I’ve kept my three Kepasa concert ukes, and play them the most, so I’d have to say Kepasa is my favorite brand, and that is how it worked out for me. When I think about a ukulele “brand” and a brand‘s place in the ukulele universe, for innovation and brand recognition, I give kudos to the Magic Fluke brand!
Since the title of the thread has now changed to something mundane, I withdraw my submission!
Since the title of the thread has now changed to something mundane, I withdraw my submission!
Yeah, pretty lame someone would do that after so many years...ruins all of the hilarious responses mocking the OT.
Bring back the Bramd! Bring back the Bramd!! Bring back the Bramd!!!
Im sure this has come up a few times but what is everyones favourite brand?

Mine has to be Kala,
1: because theyre great!
2: because I won one!
3: theyre affordable
4: fantastic quality

I do want to save for a kanile'a though!
I don't have a favorite brand yet but only using a cheap concert from Amazon. Just a beginner for about 9 months and now I am ready to upgrade to a Kahola Opio Tenor all solid Acacia. I have done alot of research on them and hope I made the right choice!

But that's just me.
So many great choices, for each of us to find that instrument that fits our playing style, desired feel, and choice of music.
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I'm lovin' my new Pono tenor!
KoAloha. Please KoAloha, make a Baritone and make all my dreams come true.
Apparently all your dreams are going to come true!

Read the first post:

Ive owned, sold, traded, and gifted dozens of different brands of ukuleles. There have been two that are forever ukes that I would never consider getting rid of and two that I regret letting go of. My cocobolo tenor and Moon bird tenor will stay with me forever. The two I regret letting go of were a TyDe custom tenor and a KoAloha concert. Out of those four, my favorite has to be my aNueNue. My aNueNue just sings to my soul.
For baritone size: Beansprout rulz ok! My new one is crazy light and supremely responsive.
For tenor size: Loprinzi. Mine has such a sweet sound.
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