Favourite brand of ukulele?

Im sure this has come up a few times but what is everyones favourite brand?

Mine has to be Kala,
1: because theyre great!
2: because I won one!
3: theyre affordable
4: fantastic quality

I do want to save for a kanile'a though!

They’re all valid reasons for any individual preferring a particular brand. I’ve had quite a few Kalas, and still have some, but are they my favourite brand or just one that’s got some products that have served me rather well?

My experience and buying limitations (self imposed, you can spend a lot more than what I think is prudent on Ukes) suggest that solid Ohana products tick the boxes for me. Perhaps I’ve been fortunate with my particular purchases, and it’s an individual’s choice, but Ohana have become my favourite brand.

What if I throw caution to the wind? Well a friend’s KoAloha has always sounded wonderful to me … tempting, within my means if not near what I think prudent.
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My best sounding and feeling ukes are my Kamaka and my Larrivees, but I think my favorite brand is Ohana. They provide variety, playability and tone at very affordable prices.
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