Favourite stringing for 8 string ukulele ?

You can do anything you like, but I believe the original tuning is octave tuning on the G and C pair, and unison tuning on E and A. That is, both the E and the A are tuned exactly the same. Using a high and low A is something that's usually done on a six-string tenor but not so common on an 8-string. I tune my LU-8 with only six strings: G and C in octaves and E and A as single strings. I didn't see a reason to have two pairs of identically tuned strings; it just made it a little harder to fret.
I keep my at the original tuning.
If you're happy with it it's all good. I'd say you might have a small problem with your typical 8 String string sets, jus sayin.
I can't recall his name but there was a fellow posting in the FB UU group a short time ago who had a Mele 8 string with all 4 string pairs tuned in octaves. It sounded amazing too! Of course you'd have the issue of non standard string sets again.
Worth clears
My taropatch is tuned in unison pairs (high g), which is the traditional tuning for the taro (and is also traditionally concert-sized). No reason why you could do it on an 8 string tenor. It like it because I can play exactly the same tunes as on my 4 string, with no unexpected high/ low notes popping up when picking, but it still has a rich, full sound.
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