Finally got my uke wall set up!


Nov 3, 2023
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In an effort to play more, I've been meaning to hang up my ukes, and finally did! Pictured from left to right: Ohana pineapple sopranino, Signature Elise Eckland soprano by Flight, handmade cat eye uke made with recycled wood (concert), and Luna Bista Stallion (concert). I love it!


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Nice job, smspears17. Hard to miss with artwork like that. Makes the wall "pop". Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
I too find it motivating to have as many right at hand when something pops into my head.

Swivel chair, grab one, play, and scribble it down before the thought goes away.
Love your wall of sound!
I like the headstock shape on the cat eye. Clever design and build. It sure is different. Does it yowl or purr when you play it ?
That does fall into different category for sure. Unique.

I wonder what a opossum build would look like. Or other unique critter.
It's always interesting to me when something I just did is also done and posted by someone on a forum. I replaced the hangers for my thinline tenor ukes and bass ukes. Stil have to remove the upper slat panel.

Uke wall.jpeg
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