Finally - My New Music Room is Finished!

It took 15 months to build our new home in Briarcliff, Texas. Now, it seems to have been worth the wait. Almost all of my instruments and other music stuff was in long term storage. I just today got the last few items handled in my music room, and was able to dust and vacuum. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I think of it as sort of a musical man cave. It is so nice to have my Ukes back where I can get at them! I hope you enjoy seeing what I've done.

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Beautiful! Does someone come in and dust them? : )
I'm trying to keep track, and answer your questions. So, if I missed yours, please ask again or PM me. The round Uke seen in the first picture is a Tony Graziano "Camp Uke" made with premium Koa. Tony is a luthier in Santa Cruz, CA.

I've included a close up of the Uke cabinet. It is holding Ukes in two layers. In the back, across the top and the first three Ukes across the bottom are all Kamaka Deluxe Models. Continuing across the bottom back are three Martins, and a Collings. The front layer includes three Romeros, and and assortment of other Ukes.

I've also included a photo of a corner of the room not well shown in the other pictures. It shows my LaniKai Banjo Uke, and an antique "The Gibson" banjo Uke which I picked up many years ago. It also shows my only solid body Uke, shown on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

I have a couple of mics and a mic stand. And I have the iMac computer on my desk. Those would be the only audio/video recording devices I have. I've only made one video of me singing and playing. I really don't like the self recording process. I'm way too fussy. I wouldn't mind going into a studio to do it, but here at home I avoid it.

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Did you see my tony graziano concert electric ukulele?
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