UU Podcast Fingerpicking & Fingerstyle & Chord Melody, Oh My! | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #91

Techniques as Genres & Private Lesson Etiquette​

What is the difference between Fingerpicking, Fingerstyle and Chord Melody? With Fingerpicking being thrown around as a catch-all term, we ask Aldrine what his definition of Fingerpicking is and how is it different from Fingerstyle? The guys go deep with the definitions of these terms, and where the terms may have originated as trends. Wanting to break into ukulele, someone asks Aldrine what size they should start with. Aldrine then gives his list of Do's and Don'ts for Private Lessons. The team explains the New Private Lessons, and the changes to Live Coaching. At the end of the podcast, a Songwriting Challenge Winner is picked.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:21 A spooky start

4:00 What is your definition of Fingerpicking and Fingerstyle?

7:00 Ukulele Solos

9:25 The definition of Fingerpicking as a Technique

13:20 The influence of the Internet on Music Terms

20:05 What would you call solos in an instrumental?

21:25 What about Chord Melodies as a term?

24:55 What about Campanella as a term?

27:50 Techniques as Genres

30:00 What size ukulele should I start with?

37:10 What's a good starting budget for a first ukulele?

39:25 Don't get talked into buying another instrument

42:00 Private Lessons Do's and Don'ts

45:55 What Questions should I ask during a Private Lesson?

52:55 Getting feedback during a Private Lesson

56:25 Taking Private Lessons on Zoom

1:02:35 Make sure the instructor can see your hands

1:04:45 Record your Lesson & Check Your Settings beforehand

1:07:50 The new Ukulele Underground Private Lessons

1:13:25 Aldrine's qualifications for teaching Private Lessons

1:15:00 Live Coaching for UU+ members

1:25:00 Aldrine.com

1:27:10 Picking a Songwriting Challenge Winner

1:32:10 Open Mic on Thursday at 2:30 PM HST

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