Finished - at long last!

John Colter

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Jan 28, 2009
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West Midlands GB
Back in 2017, I started building a soprano from a fine set of curly mahogany supplied (some years previously) by Pete Howlett. I had completed the body, but that was all, when a personal tragedy caused me to shelve the project. It took until earlier this year for my enthusiasm for building to return. Finally, it is finished. The set-up is still being refined but already it sounds very promising.

I'm a very slow worker at the best of times but five years to build a simple soprano is excessive! I thought I had completely lost my Mojo for building, but now I'm working on yet another cigar box uke. Perhaps there is life in the old dog yet.


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Worth the wait
Good work John ... Your mojo has come back at the same time as mine has departed ... I'll have to get some rocket pills or something.
Cheers, Chaps! Don't sweat it, Ken. It'll return in its own time and if it doesn't, I'm sure Janet will find things to keep you busy.
I empathise with you on losing your mojo for a while, personally i struggle with motivation and concentration...
(see half painted electric guitar that's been sat in the corner for almost 2 years, another that's been waiting just as long for new electrics, and the body blank awaiting routing and the rest of it to be made, the list could go on)
As they say 'Good things come to those who wait!' and your Soprano has certainly turned out nice! Good Job! (y)
Sounds like you're back to the thing you love. It looks great.
Cool uke. I especially like the headstock.
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