Fire Destroys Mississippi John Hurt Museum


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Mar 1, 2012
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Leeds, UK
Very sad. Mississippi John Hurt was a big influence on me. His style was very different from the other country blues players. It was gentler. His songs My Creole Belle and Candy Man were the first ones that caught my attention. Here is a good example of his artistry.

I was fortunate enough to see John Hurt in Toronto the summer of 1964 and became a fan. I play Creole Belle / Richland Woman almost every time I up the guitar. I took this photo at the 1964 Mariposa Folk Festival in Maple Leaf Stadium. Rev Gary Davis, Gordon Lightfoot, Mississippi John Hurt, Tom Kines
If I knew this museum existed, I would have checked it out on one of my many cross country trips. Always enjoy seeing cool things along the way. I wasn't the hugest fan, and I never saw him play live, but I did enjoy his music and respect the influence he had on plenty of great musicians.
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