First CBU build with Hockey stick.


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Apr 29, 2008
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Hebron, Indiana
This is my first CBU build. I used an old hockey stick for the neck. I got a some pointers from CBU builder Jon Spencer (cornfedgroove.) Plays surprisingly well.


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Looks great! I would have taken a hint from the Treholipee though and put the tuners inline up on the blade of the stick and run them through something like an eyebolt or peg to turn the corner to the nut.

Haha, love it! The hockey stick matches surprisingly well with the cigar box!
Great work!
Whoa, she looks really cool. How does she sound?

We made a ukulele out of a tennis racquet a while ago. The sustain on that baby is a real surprise - she just won't stop ringing.
Get some tape on that hockey stick!!
I hope you don't feel the need to check other uke players near you
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