UU Podcast First Gig Fumbles | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #106

High School Bands, Impostor Syndrome, and Getting Older​

We’re taking a retrospective look back at Aldrine’s first unpaid Gig vs his first paid Gig. Aldrine also reveals the source of his Stage Anxiety, and if he regrets making mistakes while on stage. The guys give suggestions for playing odd time signatures before Aldrine talks about his impostor syndrome. The UU team reveal their humble working conditions while also teasing some future plans.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:00 Starting Soon
0:11 A Good Start
3:05 Aldrine’s First Unpaid Gig
11:40 Aldrine’s First Paid Gig
15:20 Who was Larry Rivera?
17:40 Aldrine’s First Drunk Audience Interaction
23:25 Getting Hooked and Paid with Food
29:00 Aldrine’s High School Bands
35:25 Do you regret those Gigs?
38:55 Playing a bunch of different Gigs
42:50 The Most Important Lesson: You’ll Live
47:30 12/8 Time Tips
52:00 Accenting Odd Time Signatures
56:00 A Relic of the First Gig
57:35 Impostor Syndrome
1:01:25 Impostor Syndrome with other Uke Pros
1:06:00 Ukulele Underground is the Underdogs
1:09:25 The Next 10 Years
1:14:00 Aldrine’s In Person School
1:18:00 Online Content Lifespan
1:20:15 Being the Sediment Layer for Other People
1:24:00 Open Mic, Next Song, Ukulele Club

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I'm originally a trumpeter and majored in music. I began working as a musician fairly early. I was making decent money my junior and senior years of high school. I didn't need to work an after school job. The band I was with worked a lot. I was making $50 a gig, good money in the early 70's. Gas was thirty two cents a gallon! Nerves never bothered me as a young man. I once played The National Anthem in front of a crowd of about 3 or 4 thousand people.
I cut back on gigging after getting out of college. As I hit my 40's I noticed I would get a bit nervous playing in front of people. The older I got, the worse it got.
Now that I only play the uke or djembe in public, I do get a bit nervous. I find the more I play in public, the better it gets. I also have a lot of time to practice now that I'm retired. Being well prepared really helps.
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