First WS64 album: Fab Four (Beatles for Solo Ukulele)


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Feb 23, 2008
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Hi, I'm proud to announce that my first album is available. Actually it was too much for one album, so I made it 2.
They are called "Fab Four Vol. 1 & 2 (Beatles for Solo Ukulele)".
Volume 1 (red) deals with the beginnings (1962-1965) of the Beatles, and Volume 2 (blue) with the later period (1966-1970).
More than 50 Beatles songs, available on all important stores (iTunes/Amazon/Google and more).
Track lists and links to the stores are here: Volume 1 / Volume 2

All songs were recorded in August 2015.
I used my Kiwaya KS-0 with Worth strings in GCEA tuning for all tracks and recorded everything with my Zoom H2.

Here are 2 songs of the album for free, from V1 here's "The Night Before", from V2 here's "Cry Baby Cry"

Hope you like them and and maybe buy the albums!

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Thankyou for years of inspiration, brother. I will be pleased to buy both volumes. You are a uke legend in my eyes.
Love that Kiwaya Thinline KS-O. Love, love, love.

Thanks, Wolfgang, for your superb musicianship.
For the entertainment and inspiration you've offered in the past, the very least I can do is purchase your CDs, which I have just happily done.

I wish I had videos of you playing them all, so I could steal some of your secrets!
Wolf, I am so happy for you, yippeeee!!!!!! Congratulations and wishing much success with the CDs.
Just bought both!! Next thing you need to make is a tab book!!

Thanks for many wonderful videos!
Thanks all!

@KoaDependent, well mayn videos you will find on my YT channel, although not exactly these versions. But the arrangements are mostly the same there!

@Dan Uke,yes, but...
I know it would be easy and even logical now to release the same thing as tab book. But I simply don't know how to do that.
Not the tabing itself, that will be hard, but at least I know what to do there.
But how to get the rights to release something like that with contacting differerent companies and telling them how many tabs I plan to sell and so on.
I need a company that - like LOUDR did with the albums - does all that and I just need to send them a PDF (or whatever format is needed) of the tab book.
Wolfgang, I bet there are people here who will be able to steer you in the right direction in order to produce something like this. I'm excited for you!
Over the years, there have been many requests for tabs of the songs you've done and posted on YT. My response has always been that you've never committed anything to paper and your best bet would be to use the video as a reference. I believe the members would be ecstatic should this happen. Please keep us informed on the progress of this endeavor.
Kanaka, I doubt there will be any progress.
Without any legal possiblities to release it I will not start writing anything down!
And so far I don't see any way to do it.
Superb arrangements. Thanks for sharing this and best wishes on your sale.
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