Fix for a broken string. Tie a knot.

Poul Hansen

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Nov 14, 2019
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The low G string on my 8 string Kala broke and it would be a waste to use a whole new set, so I applied a method I have used befor with success: I tied a 1 mm Dyneema cord to to the nylon string and tuned it!

A 1 mm Dyneema cord can hold 140 kg and stretches less than 3 %

Good idea! I've done something similar a couple of times on violin strings, though they usually break at the nut so there is not enough room for a knot.
I had to look up Dyneema. Interesting cordage, wish I had some for ukulele emergencies.
Yes you have to rethink using cords. A 3 mm cord will withstand 8-900 kg of pull.
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