Flatwound on a UBass - advice please


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Dec 2, 2023
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South Wales
A noob question.
I've recently got a Kala UBass which came with rubber strings. I'm finding the strings to be a lot different from anything else I've played (double bass, guitar, Hofner violin bass with flatwounds). They seem to require constant tuning and have a tendency for fret buzzing.
I'm wondering if its worth upgrading to flatwounds strings. My thoughts are that they'd hold pitch better and possibly be less buzzy. My worry is that the hollow bodied UBass might not be able to take the increased tension.
I'd welcome some advice from all the experts out there.
I'm new also. I have the Kala Ebony. It came with round wounds which I changed to Thunderbrowns. Galli makes a nylon core flat wound for u-bass and I think La Bella and Aquila do also. You will probably need to get a new nut from Kala for flat wounds.
I get the same buzzing [rounds and the TB, try moving your fretting finger to almost on top of the fret.
I gave up on all poly strings a couple of years ago when the Kala/Galli nylon core flatwounds came out and that's all I use. The nylon core doesn't add very much tension at all, I've used them on Kala and Hadean acoustic bass ukes, and never had to change the nut on any. They're much easier to install, settle in much sooner, don't stretch so much, and don't require having to restring to cut off accumulated access.
Assuming the stock strings are Pahoehoes, yes they are different than anything else and need some stretching, but they shouldn't buzz. Try tweaking the truss rod. Flatwounds will probably require lowering of the action and setup work.
The Galli flatwounds are on the bass. They feel much nicer under the fingers and seem to hold pitch much better than the PP strings. I tried them out yesterday at our new uke group and got a very positive response from the other players. In an hour’s playing they didnt need to be tuned at all. Very happy.
Never liked rubbers on my Ubass. Kala round wounds for me. All the recordings on my YouTube channel (shameless promo...) have my cigar box Ubass strung so if you want a listen. It's not that hard to get a flatwound tone with them as there's always a preset on my Fender Rumble amp that will give me something close enough.
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