Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone - REVIEW


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Sep 5, 2009
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I have one for sale. Nice instrument, but have too many high end Baritones.
Ron, I'm new to this forum... looking to purchase my first baritone. I'm interested in your Flight Aurora (and also the flight Fireball), but also intrigued by the Kelali ukes which I just learned about from this forum. Would you have any thoughts about how these compare, sound wise? Thanks!
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Another one from this prolific brand - one of the 'big guns'!

I loved this review, and found myself looking up the US price before you even mentioned the UK price! 🤣

I'm with you on electronics -- stop forcing them on us, and if you must, make it passive -- but agreed that tucking them quietly away is far preferable to those ugly panels you see so often.

But yeah, this is a gem. Easy to see why you bought one for yourself!
@bazmaz what made you choose this Flight Aurora over say the Pono Kalele baritones?

I see you have owned (or still own?) a Pono Baritone based on the review on 2015. The Ponos seems to be in the same price range, all solid woods (I know you mention laminate is not necessarily worse but I would assume Pono knows how to build it well) and it has no pickup preinstalled.
Not saying the Ponos are necessarily better, just curious about your opinion since you probably considered it as well.
Availability, price (this is a fair bit cheaper than the Kalele and has a case) and I like the looks of this (think the Kalele I looked at looked rather washed out)

That Pono I moved on quite quick - back then I was still in two minds about baritones and it didn't scratch the itch for me then. (nothing wrong with it as such)..
But the itch came back and I went for this. No more science to it really.
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