Strings Flight Guitarlele High A string popped


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Jan 25, 2024
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Arrghh .. the high A string of my new flight guitarlele popped. So now I'm shopping for strings; the idea occurred to me that instead of buying six strings --since i only need the high A - that I might just purchase ukulele strings at a cheaper price--if they are even long enough. I'm totally new at this. When you replace strings do you just fix the broken string or is it better to replace the whole set to stay consistent?
Depends when you last changed your strings. If it was really recently, and you don't play the instrument a lot, it's not necessary to change the whole set. But if it's been a few months it's probably worth changing the whole set.
The only thing I'll add is that I just had a guitarlele snap the A string. Fortunately I had a replacement but it started acting funny a few days later as well. I was noticing that the break angle from the nut to the tuner seemed sharp so I untensioned it and wound it the other way. Decreased the break angle significantly and so far so good
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