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Apr 23, 2022
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Aiea, HI
Aloha! I've had a fluke M-10 concert ukulele for five+ years, far and away my favorite instrument. I've recently noticed the bridge seems to be lifting from the soundboard (see pics). Have others experienced this? What are my options?

First step is to give a call or email to Magic Fluke and see what they suggest
If you haven't already, detune the strings to take the pressure off the bridge as soon as possible...and do what Jim said. They're responsive.
Jim & Jer -

Thanks for the prompt responses. I've sent off an email to the company.

Looking even more closely, it's as though the one piece plastic saddle/bridge is lifting from a mounting base, which remains firmly attached to the soundboard.

Guess I'll see what MFC folk recommend. Thanks!
Yes, they are great people to deal with and are typically very responsive and helpful.
Mine was more severe than yours but was lifting up too, also the top under the bridge was delaminating, I took off the bridge, clean off glue residue under bridge and soundboard used I xacto knife made a couple suits and I injected titebond wood glue in the slits into the limitations, wiped off excess on the top and put a block on the area and clamped it down, waited a couple days and reglued the bridge on.
I wouldn't recommend using wood glue on plastic. I would get cement for plastic models. Either way, there is a lot of tension on that two piece bridge and not a lot of gluing surface...
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