Ugggh!The Packers lost a home game against a team they shoud've beat and looked bad doing it.:(:mad:

BTW,I'm happy any time the Cowboys lose.:cool:
ahhh i love the san diego chargers:))) been my favorite team since i was like five
i love ladainian tomlinson:) favorite player of all time:)
can't wait for the playoffs XD
Wow, we finally found the thread for the football fans. In December, we posted our first YouTube video. We posted this original song for our hometown team, the Ravens. Since then, each time the Ravens have won a game and gotten one step closer to the Superbowl, we've added more verses. It 's become our superstition. We need to keep adding verses now, until the Ravens win the Superbowl! We're still waiting for delivery of a mic that we ordered , so we haven't made another vid yet, but we added the additional verses to the information section underneath or alongside the video. Check it out. Let us know what you think. Not a Ravens fan? No problem. Write a song for your Superbowl hopeful!
LETS GO NY JETS!!! haha yeahhh!

Well, no matter what happens, I say the weather in NY better be nice on superbowl sunday cuz I'm doing the polar bear swim as my pre-game!
I have to say I am routing for a Jets Saints Superbowl. For two reasons, one I won't lose any money in a family bet. Second I am routing for the Jets because thay are in the playoffs because two teams basically laid down and let the Jets in. They Smoked the Bengals, that laid down in week 17. Since Indy basically gave up with the lead in week 16, i think. If indy would have played a entire game, and won might not have happened, they wouldn't be playing the Jets which seem to be pretty hot right now.
It's totally the Jets' turn to win this year!

However, I am going into Sundays game expecting the worst. We haven't been in the superbowl since 1969! That way I'll be extra stoked if we win!
Jets lose. Oh well. Not exactly shocking. Too bad football games aren't just 30 minutes long (like the first 30 mins). :(

I hope Brett Favre and the Vikings don't make it, then there'll be double the suckage today.
Go Saints! How cool is that? I hope they beat the Colts.
Yay Saints! That was the team I had been pulling for in the playoffs...mainly because I love the Crescent City. Way to go guys, kick Indy butt in the Super Bowl! :)
Great NFC game. Go Saints!!!!
no vs. min was like a sb matchup already ! happy to see colts in. this sb wont be disappointing
I think there is some confusion. I believe this thread is talking about American Football, not association football, or soccer.

That said, Go Bears!
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