For Sale- Custom Built Hoffmann/Boat Paddle ML Tenor

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Jan 29, 2014
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Melbourne, Australia
I'm about to travel to the USA again in a few weeks and decided to put my first custom built Uke up for sale with the view to carrying it with me and shipping it from NYC when I arrive there. It's my Boat Paddle (Hoffman Lutherie) ML Tenor. Cocobolo back and sides and master grade Red Spruce top, ebony fretboard with maple binding and herringbone purfling to the body. Options include a maple bound side sound port, MiSi Trio pickup, Gotoh Planetary tuners, MOP thumbnail fretboard markers, an Oasis Humidifier and GWW (Ameritage) custom hard case that has the D ring upgrade installed to allow a carry strap to be attached. I just had 2 sets of new saddles and nuts made up by Jerry. One set has just been installed.

It is almost 5 years old and has been played well. There is noticeable "strum rash" on the upper bouts and other very minor marks that you would expect on a 5 year old instrument that has been played a lot. I'm a player, not a curator of museum pieces.

I will be travelling to the USA again in September and propose to carry it in with me and ship it while I am in NYC around the 20th of September via Fedex or UPS. I’ll be leaving Australia on the 7th of September so would require that it is sold and paid for before that date. I sold my Collings UC2 this way when I was visiting a friend in Hawaii this past May/June and had no problems.

Replacement value is about US$3000 and I'm going to be looking for US$1650. I would consider a part trade for a nice but not expensive soprano for my wife who has just decided to learn the Uke.
Enquires welcomed.
Here are the original build photo by Jerry:
New ML F.jpg
New ML B.jpg
These photos were taken today after I cleaned and hydrated the fretboard, polished the frets and polished and waxed the body and neck. Please take note of the last photo of the series that shows a big close up of the upper bouts that was taken at the most unflattering angle and lightning. From straight on(see wide shot of Uke), it’s not particularly noticeable.

Terms of business are payment via PayPal (friends & Family) and the Uke will only be considered sold when funds hit my account.

Enquirers welcomed.


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More photos:


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Last Series of photos. Please pay particular attention to the last photo that shows the 'strum rash' in the most unflattering angle and lighting I could manage. See the wide shots to see what it looks like straightish on.


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A fine looking instrument, Hollis. I was wondering what that design was called. Now I know.

I would if I could, but I can't right now. Best of luck with the sale.
A fine looking instrument, Hollis. I was wondering what that design was called. Now I know.

I would if I could, but I can't right now. Best of luck with the sale.

Thanks Ken, it really is. It was hard to decide which of my 3 Tenors to part with to downsize my collection. The only reason I chose the Boat Paddle was because I have 2 other wonderful instruments from Jerry Hoffmann that, no matter which size, allows me to still keep on experiencing the great tone and playability that Jerry builds into all of his instruments.
The countdown has begun. Only 14 days left to purchase yourself one of Jerry Hoffmann’s best designs(IMO) for about 50% of new price. If purchasing a 5 year old Uke that has play wear puts you off there is a pristine 2nd hand(2017) version (Cocobolo/Cedar with no MiSi pickup or side sound port) of this Uke available on Flea Market Music right now for $2900+shipping.
With their big bodies these Ukes have a commanding sound with endless sustain and beautiful overtones. This one also plays like butter as it was well set up while having the brand new nut and saddle replacement.
Save yourself a few hundred dollars shipping if I were to post from within Australia!
I had the opportunity to play a Hoffman concert size and I was really really impressed. The workmanship, playability and most important the tone was up there with the very best.

Good luck with the sale Hollis. Someone needs to jump on this, super deal
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