For Sale: Glyph Concert

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Mar 13, 2012
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Below is the link for the original posting. I have enjoyed it but xmas costs causes a need to sell it. I barely played it as I have several ukes to spread the love. So it is in the same excellent condition as I received it in plus I've added an easily removable strum guard that I custom cut and made from a screen saver sheet.

The seller told me in the ad... "There is a scratch/dent on the headstock which is hardly visible because the finish did not scratch off and it's behind the strings. Just wanted to say that so no surprises. It's very minor." and I never even notice it while I'm handling the uke.

Koa back, sides, top.
Abalone rosette, dots on 5th,7th,10th frets.
Peghed tuners.
Really really excellent construction.
Black binding with 2 thin gold/yellow stripes.

Comes with a nice tweed stagg hardcase.

Selling price is $1050 (net to me) shipped CONUS. If you want insurance it is an extra cost. If shipped non-conus then shipping cost will be actual shipping cost.

Thanks for looking!
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Goodluck on the sale!
I was the previous owner of this uke. Just wanted to add that the small dent cant be seen unless you look at the uke closely. I just put that in knowing the buyers here go thru their ukes with a magnifying glass!
Gorgeous Glyph, ipcmlr and mo9090x! I'm confident someone will pop for it. It's keen.
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