FOR SALE: LOPRINZI AM-C Concert uke with case

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Apr 23, 2017
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Winston-Salem, NC
Loprinzi AM-C, all solid mahogany concert ukulele with case, friction pegs, strung with clear flurocarbon strings (not sure which brand, but nice!)

I've given it a good month, and while I like this uke very much, it's just not 'mine'. the uke chooses the player, it seems, and not the other way around. so, off to another home. Would be interested in trade for a Mainland longneck red cedar pineapple also.

Selling this one to lower 48 US only please; sorry to friends across borders; fretboard appears to be rosewood and I don't want to get into those restrictions and all that mess.

There is only the lightest wear that I can see anyplace on the uke. there is a slight ding on the left side of the headstock- hard to see and difficult to photograph. The case is a uke crazy case- I've kept the uke in it and the case stored in a bag to keep lint/dust and the like off of it. there is a bit of room for the uke to slide around in the case, but a rolled up cloth will take care of that.

quite a bit of fret clearance on this one too- I like having the option to play that far up, even if I rarely do.

new price of $335.00 which includes shipping and insurance; paypal please, I can cover the fees; or cash in person if you're in or around Winston-Salem, NC.

Link to photos:

Hit me with a pm or directly at:

Loprinzi ukuleles are great ukuleles for the price. Good sound and intonation, and well made.
Someone is going to get a good ukulele at a great price. If I didn't have one already, I'd be grabbing this.
Pmed you. I am not that far away in NC, and am interested.
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