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Mar 19, 2010
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East Texas
Aloha Tudorp,
I guess you are going with a standard uke bridge and saddle....thanks for sharing..keep us up dated...MM Stan
I am interested.. but broke.. so maybe later.. great job! Can't wait to see it finished!

I was just wondering how come I hadn't seen you post in a bit.. Good to see you are busy at home!
Hey Stan brudda, Actually, I am still working with what I am going to do with the bridge. I am going to make one I think based on the Nashville type with adjustable saddles just like the real Les Paul guitar. I am playing around with one now. If I can get what I have in the works, to work, it will be really cool, and another authentic like part of it. Wish me luck on that. if that doesn't work out, it will end up being a standard uke type bridge & saddle.

Fit, yep. Just been really busy in the shop the past couple weeks... Got lots going on. Hope to jump back into the game as a legitimate Uke builder when the dust (saw dust that is) clears.. ;)
Tony, is that the LP Pee Wee body & Neck? Or did you build new?

Hey Kurt, this is from the PeeWee. This first one I wanted to do this way. If it turns out, the next one will be scratch built. I shaved down the peewee neck to narrow it, re-shaped the headstock (from 6 string to 4). re-routing the body for the two P-90s and new electronics, then capping it with 1/4" quilted maple top. Gonna finish it with a classic Les Paul burst showcasing the quilted maple.
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