For those interested...

Good advice, Jon -

I also tend to just copy things in my own style instead of thinking how it's best played & why it's played that way (that is, when I have time to play at all!).

BTW, the six string bass on your website is really something!
Thanks for reading, Dirk.

And, which six string bass are you referring? If you're talking about the black one, that's a MONSTER Warwick Streamer LX broadneck (as in, 20mm at the bridge) 6er. It looks like a freakin' beast, but plays extremely well. It was my first one I got when I got the endorsement deal, and I decided to go all out.

The white one is a Custom Shop Warwick Corvette $$ fretless. It's pretty much stock except for the custom color and matching headstock, and the lined fingerboard.
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