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mahalo for the links, Kanaka.

DeG, the Merrie Monarch is still big deal in Hawai`i and the Hula Community. I danced when I was a keiki, but haven't danced in a halau for maybe 20 years. since my wife enjoys Hula, I still get to go to most of the Hula Competitions in California. which satisfies most of my yearning to be with other Hawaiians.

When you see Uncle George, you know you seeing somebody important, somebody special. He was one of the key players in reclaiming our Hawaiian heritage and is very sad that he has passed on.
Yea, I was just reading about it. ( I'm really surprised there wasn't a lot more coverage. Maybe in the following days.

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hard to be on mainland, because you know all the mana`o and mo`olelo going be flowing about the life of Uncle George. I get maybe three or four calls/emails from family back home telling me about it. A couple of them were lucky to have met him. he recorded i think they said 7 albums -- which includes playing the `ukulele. maybe, it hits me harder because he is one of the last loea (experts) of his generation.

excuse me as i hold my breath.
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