For those who read my previous Favilla Saga


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Apr 28, 2016
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3 hours south of the Florida Mouse
Look who followed me home! she sounds so beautiful and was sold to me at a price I could do as a teacher! was owned by a musician who started his career running around in a VW van in the late 60’s! He played her a bit for me as I am still a super newbie and just wow!


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I bought a Favilla bari that was in perfect condition - until it's rear end was crushed in transit to the seller. He took lots of pics and I could see that it was fixable.
It survived the trip from U.S. to Australia, but got misplaced by my post office in the middle of confusion around massive floods here.
I finally tracked it down and with the aid of some clamps and Titebond - and some patience, put it back together.
Since my recent conversion to baris, it is my favorite player, mostly because it sounds like a big uke - not a small guitar.
Anyway...when you're playing you can't see the scars....
You picked a winner there.
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