For trade: Luis Feu de Mesquita (LFdM)Tenor w/ cutaway & pickup (Based in Europe)


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May 2, 2018
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For trade: Luis Feu de Mesquita (LFdM)Tenor w/ cutaway & pickup (Based in Europe)

For trade is a Luis Feu de Mesquita Cedar/Rosewood Tenor w/ cutaway & pickup. Western red cedar top with East Indian rosewood back & sides. Curly maple binding top & back. Sounds amazing. Gloss finish. Fishman PRO-AG0-UKE pickup. I love this ukulele very much but recently i decide to pick up my guitar again.

I am looking for a trade of a Kamaka deluxe ukulele.

Condition: Well loved. Some scratches due to the soft area on the top and an area behind the bridge (see picture album). When Luis made this uke in 2011, he put side position markers on the 9th and 14th instead of the 10th and 15th. The first owner had a luthier fill in the 9th and 14th markers and add a new marker at the 10th. Visible pores on the rosewood back glossy finish.

Specifications and special features of this tenor:
Built in 2011, in the style of Selmer-Maccaferri gypsy guitars.
Western red cedar top with beautiful color.
East Indian Rosewood back and sides.
Beautiful striped Western red cedar top, with excellent tone
Curly maple binding on the front and back
Ebony fretboard , Nut width 1.50”
Ebony bridge
Cutaway gypsy jazz style design
Slotted headstock with light weight Gotoh Tuning Keys
Spanish Cedar Neck with rosewood/walnut?
Bone Nut/Saddle
17″ scale and are 38 mm at the nut.
Lattice bracing for strong project and resonance
Gloss finish
Currently strung with Oasis Bright Strings, Low G
Comes with a Uke Crazy hard case

Here’s a recent sound sample with Oasis Warm Strings in reentrant tuning:

Many pictures of this tenor can be seen in this flickr album:
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Hi, thanks for your adding the original thread.
yes, I am the buyer. This ukulele is the best i have ever played. (Among koolau, kanilea, kala)The main reason is that I just want to come back to guitar again. I have played guitar for many years until last year i fall in love with ukuleles. After more or less a year trying, i thought maybe guitar is more suitable for me. I just want to keep a more cheap ukulele just for fun. Yes, selling is also consider. Now the condition is totally same with the condition in flickr album.
something doesn’t make sense, you bought this uke and then you say you don’t want the uke anymore because you’re playing guitar but instead of selling it because you’re not playing uke anymore you’re trading for a different uke, that’s why it sounds like maybe there was a problem with the uke and you want to trade it for another uke to play and has nothing to do with playing guitar, sorry it just sounds fishy.
hi, let me explain why... because in my country, people only regard Kamaka, regrad Koa, as a good instrument, but nobody know this i can not sell it as a resonable price... i want to trade and sell then. at beginning, i want to trade with a guitar or Kamaka, but now i already bought my dream guitar, so......
If this is an "even exchange" anyone with a Kamaka is a fool not to jump on this.
(I'd be asking for two Kamakas and a couple hundred bucks)
Why not price it to sell here, rather than trade for Kamaka and then sell?
His whole story sounds like bs I wouldn’t trade for this uke without Luis inspecting it and confirming there are no problems
If you’re country wherever that is only regards Kamaka and Koa as good instruments why did you buy it in the first place instead of Kamaka.....again you sound fishy. Get Luis to confirm the uke has no issues.
His whole story sounds like bs I wouldn’t trade for this uke without Luis inspecting it and confirming there are no problems

It is possible to pose questions and offer thoughts without being plain rude.

I suggest you moderate your tone in future posts.
As a former owner of this wonderful uke I can say it was just as described with no hidden issues. It is a genuine LFdM that sounds terrific. Gildo was good and honest in our transaction on this uke.
this ukulele was the best ukulele i have played (among Kala kanilea koolau), especially its resonance!! I have never knew a ukulele can have a such resonance, even can compared to my guitar... my guitar is not a laminated one, it is a all solid handmand by Alhamabra, can you image?! now i am begining to write song, so this is why i come back to guitar, and i do not want to let it so quite so i want to know if i can trade a Kamaka, which is more easy to sell in my country.... thats all
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