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Feb 17, 2009
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We see the same things being hunted for again and again. As I don't see a thread listing the commonly sought downloads and tools that might help people develop their playing, I thought I'd share a few things I know of.

If anyone knows of more/better ones, please post and I'll consider updating this post to include them.

Mods, if this has already been done before or better, please just delete this thread. :)


Downloads - All FREE software unless stated

Slow-Down / Pitch-Shift

Slow-down facility allows you to slow tunes down to hear more clearly what is being played. Very helpful for learning. Pitch-shift allows you to change the key of a tune.

TAB software

  • TablEdit - Tab editor and player. Very flexible with great features. A fantastic learning tool. IMHO, more versatile, stable and usable than Power Tab. TablEdit is commercial software, but great value (NFI) :
  • TEFview - Free TableEdit viewer/player. Also a great learning tool, but doesn't allow editing of tabs :
  • Power Tab - Free tab editor. Popular tab editing prog :

Audio Recording and Editing

Video Download Conversion and Playback

For those who would like to have local versions of online video tutorials to keep safe (in case the unthinkable happens to a teacher's Youtube account) there are facilities that allow the download of FLV files (as used by Youtube, Dailymotion etc. There are also free players and converters.

If you do download videos, please continue to view the online versions and to support the channels of those who are kind enough to make tutorials for us.

Online Tools - FREE unless stated


Uke chord charts

Uke chord Flash Cards

UU member anniekate76 set up some handy online flash cards to help you learn your chords :

Uke scale charts

Thanks to all the people who make this great free stuff available to us. :)
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Thanks for the post.

Very helpful list in just one post!
this should be a stcky. how helpful -- esp. for noobies, which we have all been at one time.
Excellent resources!

The "Online uke chord finder 3" at has a reverse chord lookup where you can set the key, type in the finger positions, and get the chords. I have been looking for something like this for a while.

I got a couple more for you
It lets you save most any document as a pdf, which means that no matter which of the tab editor programs you use you can save them in an easy to open way
you can host files for free.

That stuff plus the powertab means that you can make files, host them and then you can share them here!
Updated the original post with some resources for making and playing local back-up copies of online tutorial videos.

If you make back-up copies of videos, please continue to support the online versions and the channels of the fine people who make them. Keep bumping up their viewing figures and ratings. We owe them.

Music "Writing" Program?

Years ago, when the Commodore 64 was new, I had a program that allowed me ot put notes on a scale and write words below. There must now be some plethora of programs that would allow me to do that again.

Anyone know of any freeware programs to do that?
I hadn't seen this mentioned yet.
Not just for ukuleles, but any instrument:
AP Tuner has saved my life. It's free, and all you need is a computer and a microphone, and BAM!--instant tuner.

I don't know what I would do without it.
So much info to adsorb... only just started this ukulele business 2 days ago and feel like a saturated sponge already!


thats a great line. I remember that feeling. I only stated playing about a year ago. Then I kind of crushed my finger severing a tendant and i have played for 6 months. So I am a beginner also. Let me tell you one thing. You are in the right place here on UU and you are in good hands. These folks are very helpful, encouraging and just decsent people!. Happy strumming

By the way, i love your picture. I keep meaning to buy that book but I have abouta 3 feet high pile of other cookbooks that I want to go through. Not a pro chef, just love food@ LOL
Great post, thanks for the info! I have a lot of work ahead of me!
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