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Song Template
One hundred and sixty eight fingering diagrams from the book (in JPEG format) and a Word template (US Letter or A4). Perfect for assembling your own group's songbook. Creative Commons licensed, 2.8 MB ZIP file.


So much info to adsorb... only just started this ukulele business 2 days ago and feel like a saturated sponge already!

Don't be impatient it takes about a week to master this instrument for for me...well two years and still consider myself in 1st grade....I am a little slow.
Enjoy the ride my friend learning this little instrument is not a destination as some have said.....but a journey.
You will find a wealth of knowledge in these pages and some wonderful folks.
Best wishes and welcome!
Wow is this thread still going? Just came across it and just what I can use. A lot to look at.

How up to date are the resource links?

Any more threads like this?
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