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Jan 18, 2014
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Sherborne, Dorset
Hi Folks,
Some of you might be interested in a FREE ebook I have just completed called The Art of Arpeggios for Ukulele. It is a booklet of 20 exercises for the right hand. A lot of people have asked me about finger style technique so I am offering this booklet for free. Well, there is an option to pay what you want but just put a 0 in the box and click "Buy Now". You won't be charged but need to go do this process in order to access the digital download. I am currently putting videos on YouTube of all the exercises played slowly and then faster. You can download the booklet from Gumroad:

Hope this is helpful!

Thank you for the offer I will have to go take a look.

This is a great little book! Nice to have these exercises that focus on the right hand and feel they will be a great help for me as I add fingerstyle picking to my skill set. Also kudos on your "Songs & Sea Shanties" book (revised version). The chords/tabs along with your videos are very well done. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Thank you for sharing. I can use these.
Thanks, very kind of you. :)
Thanks everyone! Always good to have feedback. Glad the booklet is useful!
Sam :)
Thank you for sharing, am looking forward to try the book.
Thank you very much for this good booklet and videos on YouTube. I've stuck on exercise 2 but your YouTube saved me. :) I am very appreciate that you use soprano for this exercise. Many people use concert or tenor for finger picking. Your soprano encourage us a lot.
Thanks for this generous offering - I've got the book and downloaded your matching YouTube tutorials... terrific stuff.
For those who have downloaded the ebook - all of the videos demonstrating the exercises are now on YouTube. Here is the final video with ex. 17 to 20. Thanks for supporting! Please subscribe to my channel :) Sam

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