Beginner Free Ukulele Chord-Building Lesson

Jun 13, 2010
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Lawrence, Kansas
Hello everyone!

I just posted a YouTube video showing how easy it is to build chords on the ukulele using a Fretboard Toolbox C-Tuning Edition. It shows a different way to look at the uke that lets you move beyond just knowing where to put your fingers and shows you why your fingers belong where they do for various chords. It also shows which chords sound great together within a key, and where the notes of a given key are found on the fretboard. I'll also be posting a video on ukulele soloing soon that I'll post here.

Thanks for checking it out if you have time, and please let me know in a reply to this post if you have any questions, suggestions, or other feedback.

Scott Sharp
Scott, much appreciation for the video. I have recently gotten serious about learning all the notes of the fretboard(props to Lambchop's blog/method). The next issue to address is chord creation and keys/scales.

Your 'Ukulele Fretboard Toolbox seems to have come at the right time! Thank you so much for your hard work learning all this and then presenting it in a simplified, easy to access booklet. Can't wait to get mine.

Also Scott glad to see you doing an 'ukulele solo video soon. Only suggestions for that video: I noticed in some of your other videos 1)sometimes your hand will block out the toolbox accidentally while playing and at the same time 2)sometimes not enough of the actual ukes fretboard is show on screen, maybe a better way to display that and you're set!

Much Mahalo!
Any ideas?

Ukulele Dave,

Thanks for the compliments and suggestions! I agree with your comments about the video set-up, but I'm just not sure how to show how the Fretboard Toolbox works by filming it in any other way. Any suggestions you, or any other Ukulele Underground members have about how I can show the same thing without limiting the view of the fretboard would be greatly appreciated!

I am certainly willing to try it.

I live overseas and would rather have a download option as it costs money to ship items into my country of residence.
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