FS Kala KA-ST Tenor Spruce top full body *SOLD

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Dec 22, 2009
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San Francisco, CA
FOR SALE: This is a Kala KA-ST tenor size ukulele. Solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides. Traditional white and black bindings. Chrome die-cast tuners. Check out Kala's website for more specs:


This is a very standard no-frills ukulele. No buzzing, no cracks, no dents. No bowing of the neck. Nice and clean all-around.

The only area that has a little imperfection is on the headstock, where it looks like there is a little nick. I will post/send a picture of it upon request. Strings were recently upgraded to Aquila Nylgut (hi-G). I lowered the action on the saddle end. I purchased this online from Cecilia's Music this past December.

I am selling because I have way too many ukes. For example, I have three (yes, three) of these KA-ST. "Why do you have three?" one might ask. Well, one for home, and one for each office. I also have three (yes, three) of the Kala KA-S ukes. And, I recently got a Pono PKT-1 yesterday as a gift. For now, I am selling only the one from home because I already have several solid wood ukes, and I have not touched this KA-ST since it came home and I changed the strings. My brother played it when he visited during the holidays, but that's about it.

I got the uke for $180 (plus shipping), before upgrading the strings. I am asking $140 shipped CONUS and will come with a "practically new" gig-bag, or if you are local and would like to pick it up I will knock off $20 from the shipping charge. Plus, I may throw in a few extras, depending on my mood.

Disclaimer: This uke will NOT make you play better. You will NOT travel in time, nor will it make you infinitely rich. You will NOT look like Brad Pitt OR Angelina Jolie. If you cover a song with this ukulele and post it on Youtube, you may get a message saying you may have violated copyright laws. You may be asked to play at your nephew/niece's baptism, and then forget the chords to the song midway. If that happens to you, it is not MY fault.


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Nick on headstock

Here's a picture of the nick on the headstock. You can see it just to the left of the 3rd string tuner. It does not affect the sound at all.


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