FS: Mainland Mahogany Tenor

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Jun 15, 2011
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Salem MA
This is a new -- minus my half hour of goofing -- Mainland Mahogany tenor. It has a gloss finish, gold geared tuners, and ebony buttons. It's strung with Aquilas.


It came straight from Mike at Mainland Ukes, which means two things:

1. It is well set up.
2. It was one of the prizes in the recent Kiva drawing.

Number two makes me feel a little bit weird about selling, so here's my plan: $200 gets this uke shipped to your door CONUS. The proceeds (save $25) will go to funding Kiva loans. The remaining $25 will be sent to the buyer in the form of a Kiva gift card.

I'll try to put up a sound sample tonight; otherwise, if you have any questions, give me a shout.

Cheers, UU.
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Great deal and idea ... I am sure it won't last long.
Another nice offering, with a charitable benefit bonus. Too bad it's not a long neck concert pineapple. Hope it goes quickly for you. Best wishes from your neighbor in CT.
If I hadn't just bought one, I'd have snapped this up, especially given the generosity behind it. Have patience.
This uke is sold. (Time to go make seven new loans!)

Cheers, UU.
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