FS: Washburn Lyon & Healy Soprano (c.1920s)

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Jan 22, 2016
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Up for sale here is a Washburn model 5315 mahogany soprano made by Lyon & Healy, Chicago. There is a serial number, but I think this might come from the mid-late 20s, perhaps early 1930. I bought it a while back to add to my Martin & Gibson collection but it never evolved—so its here for sale. It's in surprisingly good condition except for the finish--which has checkered uniformly all over the body except for the neck--the checkering is prominent. There are no cracks in the body and the fretboard and frets are in excellent condition. Looking it over it seems like it had very little play wear at all. The Bakelite soundhole ring is intact. The smile bridge is in good condition as well, except for a tiny chip missing from the 4th slot (smallest) which I had to knot the fine string more to hold. The tuners are in good condition—they hold, but need to be adjusted/tightened. The inside looks good, but as I tap on the back there's a slightly loose brace on the middle back that needs the outer ends glued a bit more in place. The action is okay, but slightly on the high end at 3mm. The uke sounds good and loud, you can find more of a sound description of this model on https://jakewildwood.blogspot.com/2012/01/c1925-washburn-5315-mahogany-soprano.html

There is NO case, but I'll double-box it safely for sending.

I am asking $xxx. Buyer pay actual shipping and any PayPal fees. Thanks for looking:)


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