Funny Uke Review

I couldn't bear to watch all of it, Jerry.
You did order one, didn't you?
But didn't it sound like the intonation was way off when she strummed a couple of chords? She tuned it, right?
Jerry, did you really have to subject us to that? Maybe Weird Al could do a parody to make it more interesting. Next time how about just posting a photo of the uke and your group buy story.😁
Loved this! I laughed all the way through, but had to stop watching when she began to play and the strings got further & further out of tune.
they did! I stopped watching, I can only take so much of time wasting monetization vids.
It takes her over two minutes to get the box open. 😁
I realize that there are many things in life I don't understand. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would be interested in watching someone open a box.
Oh man. I made it to 3 minutes before I blew that popstand 😅 I. Can‘t.
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