Garota de Ipanema / Girl from Ipanema


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Feb 11, 2016
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Hello everyone!

I'm desperately looking for a solo uke TAB of this famous song from Jobim : Garota de Ipanema / Girl from Ipanema. I know some of you posted the Kimo Hussey version which is just absolutely perfect but it's too difficult yet for me unfortunately :(
On Youtube i found several great interpretations made out from the arrangement of the Japanese Master Kiyoshi Kobayashi. I'm looking for something in this style. I even tried to buy his book of Bossa Nova arrangements but can't get in France... :(
As a consequence, I would be really really really grateful if someone had this tab or something close from it and could send it to me here...

Regards from France
Yes!!! I even ordered it but they sent me an email to cancel my order telling me they don't have it in stock and they don't know when they will have it!!!
I really really tried to get it :(
Thank you. But i think it will be again the same problem : it seems that it's out of print in Japan. I mean that several dealers offer it on ebay, amazon and so on but that they actually can't get it from their own distributor. That's why I'm looking for someone who would have this tab or something close to it, it doesnt have to be that exact tab of course.
Anyways, i really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.
Thank you very very much! It seems to be a good one! :) How did you get it??!
I just started to learn to play this song. Wow, it's not easy bouncing back and forth between F maj7 and F#7-5.
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