George Harrison and Paul McCartney ISO vocals on Here Comes The Sun


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Jun 22, 2020
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John, recovering from an automobile accident, didn't participate at all on Here Comes the Sun, and there are obviously lots of other instruments (four violas, four cellos, double bass, two piccolos, two flutes, two alto flutes, two clarinets, MOOG Synthesizer, multiple guitars, bass, drums)....but I have to tell you, hearing our two lads singing together is a real joy!

It's so easy to forget that Paul and George knew each other before Paul met John. Paul's earliest trips hitchhiking and sleeping under the stars, eating from a can, were with George, not John. It's a shame that they fell into such an unfortunate pattern with each other, but on this song, there is in fact some sun shining. After George recorded his lead vocals, he and Paul returned the following day for the backup vocals, singing their parts together into the same mic, two times to fill it out, and that's it.

The complaints about Paul's imperiousness, George's thin-skinned resentments, all that stuff -- it's all true, of course, but so's this. When it was time to work, they got it done. Paul did some of his best work on other people's songs (what would Something or Come Together be without Paul's bass? His list of vocal contributions to the other lads' songs is too long to list), and George never missed a chance to shine wherever he could, including on Paul's songs (his solo on Let It Be is one of the best things to happen to any of us).

So stripping away the other instruments, the pain, the grief, the fatigue, and all the rest, these two glorious voices on this glorious song. I love this, and think you will too! :)

Hey, and a great photo by Linda as the poster frame, no? My wife said, "I'm not sure I've ever seen a less flattering photo of Paul, but it's also one of the most joyous I've ever seen, and I think one of my favorites." Hard to disagree, even if it wasn't my wife saying it. LOL

Fantastic find Tim and I enjoyed it thoroughly. What a smooth blend of voices. And, I agree on the picture, What happiness in both of their faces. It warms my heart to see and listen. Thanks for sharing with us!
I was listening to some Beatles things a week or two ago. Despite the countless times I have heard these songs, I was marveling at how really great their vocal harmonies were. I kept thinking that this was in the era before studio tricks like auto tune and the advanced digital techniques that make it possible to fix one note at a time if needed. This was just pure talent and years of work.

You can spend some serious time listening to all of these isolated vocals. You can find them on here
Pretty nice. I have a similar cd of different tracks from Sgt. Peppers. A teaching colleague's brother was a radio engineer and a voting member for The Grammy Awards. Somehow, he got a copy and gave out a few copies he burned.
I think that's a flattering photo. Nothing like a genuine smile vs. the "I've got to smile for a photo" smile.
It's especially nice to see George looking so happy there.

Thanks for posting the ISO vocals. I always enjoy the isolated tracks, (whether vocal or instruments), and hear new-to-me aspects to the song.
It can lead to the YT rabbit hole, though! It's easy to spend all day listening to various videos out there.
"SUN SUN SUN Here it comes!" Shining like the star itself.
This is great stuff, Tim! I’m playing guitar along with the vocals and I feel like I’m one of the band!
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