George Harrison and the Uke...


Jan 7, 2024
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Southbury CT
Has everyone seen this? I think it's amazing!
There's a quote about it by George's son:

"That’s really what he was like around the house, all day, just playing ukulele and smiling. We’d heard every Hoagy Carmichael song from from ‘Barnacle Bill The Sailor’ to, you know, he’d sing everything on the uke. He’d sing anything and everything. So we had to get that in there, to have. There’s uke on a lot of the other tracks as well, but that was the one that really reeked of my dad."

What album is he referring to?
Rhiggie, as Mlolya indicates, I think the album was called "Brainwashed." As I recall, on that album cut, we hear George strum a couple of "test" chords and then give a four-count before launching into the actual song. It's very cool. I would say that "endearing" would be a good word for it.

Quite the little band there too, although I never did work out why Herbie Flowers was dressed up as Noddy…
Quite the little band there too, although I never did work out why Herbie Flowers was dressed up as Noddy…
I suspect it's to go with the bright red of his tuba but I may be wrong! Herbie shares a birthday with me (May 19th) but as a member of the Musicians Union he once led the other members of Bowie's backing band out on strike for better pay when they discovered their efforts were going to be filmed without their knowledge, or permission!

Joe Brown is another (uke) legend, too, of course, on guitar on this occasion. There is a bit of a Cliff Edwards link to George's cover as he appears in this 'short' with second billing to Marion Colby, albeit with just a speaking part. I wonder how well the wolf whistle would be received nowadays!

Well, that's all from me, folks, have fun and happy strumming!


I remember hearing a story that he used to keep spare ukes in his trunk to give away to people.
Love that clip. Looks like he might be playing a Kamaka concert, with the sail headstock, which sounds great. I also love the stories about George being a uke ambassador, driving around with a car trunk (boot?) Full of ukes, giving them away to friends. Just Imagine receiving one of those! Tom Petty's story describing that is so funny!

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