Getting From Union Station to the United Center and Back

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Feb 3, 2016
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Central Illinois
Hi friends, okay, this isn't directly related to sports, I realize, but it's in the context of a sporting event, so...

A week from today my girlfriend and her daughter and I plan to take the Amtrak from our town in central Illinois, northward up to Chicago to see the Bulls play the Golden State Warriors at the United Center. It's a 2:30 game. After the game, we're going to return home on the Amtrak. So, it'll be a "day trip."

I sometimes have a tendency to "out-think" things, but I'm just a little apprehensive about the question of getting from Chicago's Union Station to the United Center, and then, after the game, getting back to Union Station again.

I have the Uber app on my phone, but have never actually used it, so if a traditional cab would work, that would probably be our preference. I'm guessing there would be a sufficient number of cabs standing by at Union Station when our train gets there around Noon that day, such that making our way to the United Center prior to game time ought to be no problem.

I'm more concerned about the situation AFTER the game, when probably a ton of people will be looking for cab service to their various destinations, and a cab may be harder to find.

It's my understanding that there are buses running along Madison Street (which runs the approximate 2-mile stretch between Union Station and the United Center) both before and after the Bulls games, and that taking the bus back to the Union Station area may be a good option after the game.

I'm just wondering if any of you might have any experience with this, and if you might have any tips or advice. THANKS!
Can't help with your transportation questions, but checked the schedule and the Dubs (Warriors) are on the front end of a back to back. Phew! It kind of sucks that the second one usually means many of their stars/starters are not playing due to "load management". This can include Klay, Draymond, Wiggins, and Steph. Curry has been out for a few weeks but may return sometime on this road trip. Hopefully for you to see. Enjoy!
Also check out the L. The blue line is a short walk from United Center and goes to/from Union Station.

Uber and Lyft work well in Chicago, but you'll probably hit surge pricing and availability after a game. United Center has a dedicated pickup zone similar to airports (currently relocated - see FAQ)

If you want to take a cab you may be better off starting walking and trying to get one on your way.
Chicago people are just about the nicest people in the US. Just ask, and someone will go with you and make sure you get there safe.

Enter ‘Union Station’ and ‘United Center’ into the Chicago Transit trip planner, and it will give you options and maps.

Every transit system has a similar planner.

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