UU Podcast Gigging Do’s & DON’TS | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #116

Setlist, Song Request, & Breaking into Gigging​

This week, we’re hanging out with friend of the show, Kyle Furusho, and finding out the biggest Do’s and DON’TS for Gigging Musicians and Audience Members. The Podcast starts off with a question from Kyle’s biggest Fan, Mickey Aüto. Then we ask Kyle how he makes a Setlist, and how he handles unknown Song Requests. Aldrine ask Kyle how to deal with someone picking up your tip jar, and explains why audience members should never do it. A viewer asks how they can break into Gigging, and if it’s ok to write a “Song Menu” instead of taking request. The guys explain why they don’t want to play certain songs, and how song request can break the flow of a show. The podcast is topped off with some stories of unwanted additional performers.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:50 Kyle is here
5:25 How do you escape law enforcement?
7:40 How does Kyle make a Setlist?
10:45 How do you deal with Song Request that you don’t know?
12:10 How Aldrine deals with unknown Song Request?
15:50 Dealing with someone touching your tip jar?
20:40 Don’t make people feel like they need to tip
24:20 Alternatives to taking the tip jar
26:05 Asking for change from a tip
29:05 How does someone break into gigging?
32:15 Is it ok to write a “Song Menu”?
34:30 Dealing with incessant Song Request
37:05 Not wanting to break the flow of a Setlist
38:25 Audience Expectations
44:55 It’s ok to not do Request
45:55 Originals Vs Covers
47:30 Playing to the Environment
51:05 Thinking about it from the Venues Perspective
52:25 What are some icks from performing?
55:50 Unwanted performers
59:45 Using your partner or venue for help
1:01:15 People playing with the Performer
1:04:35 Treating Gigs like a Concert or Wrestling
1:07:00 Where can people find Kyle?
1:09:05 UU Business

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