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Dec 12, 2011
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Far North Central Illinois
Desperate for an all-solid mahogany concert. Both are at Mim's:

Should I? CK-35S
Or? CK-35CE

I mostly care about their acoustic sound (I have several Ohanas so I know what to expect for feel, general nature, etc.), but do not have any electric concerts. An onboard tuner is mighty nice to have. I only "plug in" to amuse myself, otherwise not needed as I do do group plays.

I've never owned a "cutaway" ukulele and have managed to survive without one. Still... TBC

<edit> To put a sharper edge on a blunt question, am I to notice a sonic difference between the 'S' and the 'CE' when not plugged in?
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What is it you don't like about c/a's? FWIW, I rarely want to go above the 10th fret.
(Cutaways? I think they "look" wonky...)

A 35S with an EQ would have been the ticket, but alas.
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I don't feel it's needed, even when going high (but that's me) and I don't like the untraditional look... this also eliminates many ukes from consideration, which imo is a good thing! 😄
I just re-read your response (plus others from Oct, 2020) when I had asked a similar question regarding the CK-35S.

MIm's is closed for the moment, but have a 35S in my basket... still undecided - gives me time to rethink (see below) it.
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Do it, Wiggy. You won’t be sorry. Mim will set it up perfectly for you. I once had an Ohana SK-25, soprano, and it was a wonderful little player. Sometimes I think about getting an Ohana concert, this time with a spruce top (edit: make that cedar top, rosewood back & sides; CK-50).
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I decided to wait... I will undoubtedly get the 35S. Just not now.
Meanwhile, the "kitty" will grow, but to what level that would be ($600?) I have no idea.
I am scared of heights :) It's not the height per se, just the drop if I am disappointed with the purchase.
It happens.
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My pocket is now empty.
(Patty, you are such an enabler! Thanks for the push, though ;)

The shootout(s) will be:
Ohana CK-70W vs. Lanikai CDST-C vs. Flight TUC-55* ($53) vs. Ohana CK-35S. (Strung: CGBE)

Ohana CK-50ME vs. aNueNue C-4 vs. Caramel CT-402E* ($60) vs. Ohana CK-35S. (Strung: GDAE)
(All of each group in identical tuning with "*somewhat" identical strings.)
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I don't play often past the 10th fret. But a cutaway definitely helps me with picking or fretting chords down there with my fat hands and short fingers. I don't hear much, if any, difference between a cutaway and a double bout. Though I haven't had the pleasure of playing a tenor with a scoop instead of a Florentine or Venetian cutaway. Certainly no difference if I am playing plugged in.

PS: I prefer a Venetian Cutaway design to a Florentine. That pointy transition has no appeal to me. Even in a solid body electric uke.
Received the CK-35S today. Mim does an excellent job of setup, action at the 1st fret is consistent and perfect on all strings. Forming chords is nearly effortless. The body has a nicely rounded edge all around with understated looks. Satin makes it feel like wood

It has the 'hog tone I was looking for and, "It ain't going nowhere."

My first decent all-solid: smooth fret ends and firm (no slop) tuners.

<edit> Windows Photo app is refusing to open any .jpg file. Tried 2 different cameras. Had to switch to to Office Picture Manager.
Calculator also stopped working. Microsoft Updates... Aaargh!
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I had to sit them all down in front of me and explain, "Here is your new friend, no one has to leave."

<edit> Strung up for GDAE.
First impression. This uke is amazingly free of unwanted resonances (howl) or dead (thud) notes.
Nice tone/volume balance across strings. I can't wait for it to settle into focus over the next week or two.

On it:
E .018" D'addario NYL018
A .022" D'addario NYL022
D .037" LaBella Rectified Nylon (D'addarrio doesn't seem to make an NYL037)
G .028"w D'addario NYL028w

Pics with GDAE strings:
(Yes, the high E got scuffed while stretching... at some point I'll need to smoothen the nut slot with 800 grit and replace the string. A stopper bead is sometimes needed to keep the #1 string from slipping undone. The tails will be cut off after they're done stretching.)

BTW, the Musician's Gear Concert Ukulele Case Black ($60) gently cradles it as if it were custom-made.
(At Musicians Friend, they occasionally go on sale for $40 w/free shipping.)


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