Got my mandolin set up


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Mar 28, 2016
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Darlington UK
I've had this thing since 2014, but it was problematic so was a wall hanger, till now. Had some Christmas money so I thought, what the hell, have a set up done, at least it will be playable! So I did and wow its like a new instrument!
£40 for the set up and I slipped him an extra fiver.
Mando ditty
A good, professional set up can make a world of difference.
Keep strummin'! :)
I had my “Irish bouzouki” (an oversized mandolin) set up by a local luthier, and it’s so much easier to play now.
Sounds great too…
My son’s Eastman mandolin has needed pro set-up ever since he bought it but he inherited stubbornness from his mom :ROFLMAO: and refuses to spend the money.

Echoing your experience, yesterday I finished filing down Yowling Tom’s nut slots per the “gift card test” in Matt Stead’s uke setup video. I’m astounded by how much more comfortable the fingerboard is as a result of that one seemingly inconsequential change.
My first mandolin was basically unplayable and I wasn't sure if it was inherent to playing mandolin to be as unhappy as I was, but a setup made me actually enjoy it.
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