Gotoh UPT installation


Jul 15, 2023
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Indiana, US
I’m going to install the Kamaka exclusive colored Gotohs on my HB-2D. I’d like to save a few bucks, so I’m probably going to do it myself. Is there any downside to just using a 25/64” drill bit to bore the hole instead of all of that what seems to be more work in the HMS video? (Tony at Kamaka specifically told me 25/64” for the hole size, and I can get that bit at Home Depot this week) other than that, it’s pretty straight forward. I installed UPTLs on my very first Kamaka, my HF-1, so I’m not worried about installation per say.

I've only ever used a reamer. If you hadn't said Kamaka told you to use a specific bit size I would have thought the tapered hole was important, But my guess is Kamaka has done a few as well! Rewatching this I found I was skipping a step of using an awl to make the hole for the little pointy anchor thing. I just pushed it in and used the nut to pull it down. His way is safer.
Getting the right drill bit is 90% of the issue & you’ve already solved it. Just be certain not to “wallow out” the hole when drilling. Fit must be snug.
I just did this to my HF-2 and posted about it if that helps.

I found that the reamer is so precise and cuts so smoothly. I think a hand held electric drill might risk chewing up the finish on the front of the headstock unless you are very careful not to drill all the way through.
My advice, after 5-10 UPT installs, don't use a power drill, use a hand reamer, and a hand drill for the screws. Much more controllable, less stressful...slow & steady wins the race.
I agree. I actually used a very sharp wood drill bit and turned it by hand a little at a time, same principle as a hand reamer. Should’ve noted that in my original reply.
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