Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

Yep, when you get into the thousands, $20 or $30 dollars more for tuners loses relevance. When you do your estimate for the build cost, you can just figure the small change into price if you think you need to. I'm pretty sure that anyone who pays a lot for a custom uke is never going to say use the cheaper tuners to save $30.00!
I won't either, not even on a mid priced custom. I want the best.
Chuck mentioned before that Gotoh makes UPT and UPTL pegs. The UPT pegs need a very slim head, 10mm or less. I use the UPTL pegs and you might want to find out what headstock thickness these knockoffs will accommodate. However, they are cheap enough that even if you can't use them it won't matter much. At least you will know. Gotoh pegs have a little molded point that digs into the back of the headstock and keeps the pegs from rotating. The knockoffs need to have that too.-Bob
The knockoffs have more of a”post” that needs a small shallow drilled hole.
You cannot pull them into place like the Gotoh’s.
Chuck mentioned before that Gotoh makes UPT and UPTL pegs. The UPT pegs need a very slim head, 10mm or less.
This from Gotoh. "The UPT works best with a headstock thickness of 10-12mm. UPTL works best with a headstock thickness of 11.5mm-13.5mm."

At 12mm you can use either one but the UPTL will feel better as you have more threads to play with, not a 1/10 of a mm over 12 though for the UPTs in my experience.
I also ordered a couple of sets of these Der Jung tuners. I liked them, the seem to work just as good as the Upts, but I had to send them back, because my headstock design is thicker than 11mm.
I just fitted a set of Gotoh UPT black to a soprano..they are very nice and smaller than the De Jung's ...The installation manual says "Do not use the lock nut to draw the position pin down into the wood. these can damage the machine head body as well as the headstock"
good job I read that first ;)

IMG_5939 by Ken Timms,
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I love the black ones best, and have them on my 20s Style 0. Easy to install, but yes, always make the hole for the locking tooth/pin first and hand fit before tightening down the connecting locknut on the top.
Thanks, so which ones are easier to install?
Recently I was in touch with a few different luthiers with questions about installing Pegheds. The general consensus was that they can be a little tricky. A tapered reamer is needed and you need to use some care because they are threaded. I know quite a few people here have installed the UPT or similar and it seems to be a tad easier.

These DerJung tuners seem to be really nice and are a great price. I am tempted to try them, although I don't really need them at the moment.
The Der Jungs are best on headstocks under 11mm. My Millar soprano with a 12.1mm has them and the post is not flush with the nut that threads from the top of the head. Not a big issue, but you will get fewer string winds with the thicker headstocks. They are a little bigger than the Gotohs. I think they work just as well.
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