Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

I've seen the other button options listed on sites that carry these tuners. The only problem is the cost goes up and they become less attractive vs the Gotoh tuners which I think look better.
At magic-guitar-parts in Germany you choose the button option at order so no extra cost. Although at €14 per piece they are still more expensive than aliexpress and getting towards the cost of gotoh
There is one button available in two colours (white and faux mahogany) that is much smaller than the ‘standard’ which I think will go some way towards improving aesthetics
I agree though the gotoh look more refined overall.
And again, that long post option is great
well, color me surprised... ordered April 4 and arrived US east coast today, April 12. Decently packed, but could be better, at least it was in a box. The $1.50 string gauge was just tossed is a plastic bag/mailer (it's a little thinner than my other one and each edge is one giant, sharp burr that needs smoothing, but what can you expect for $1.50). No complaints... now I just need to find a uke to fit these on. (y)
Looks like the install will be simple... just a 9.5-10mm hole straight through, no taper needed. Which means they ought to just drop in to headstocks previously installed with closed gear tuners (I think).
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