Greetings from Honolulu!!

Welcome to UU, KaPowaFie, and a warm hello from Chicago!
Welcome, from Northern Lower Michigan!
There are tons of online resources for ukulele beginners. And a section on the Forum especially for new players.
Some online sites that I like are:
Barry Maz a frequent contributor here, offers new player tips, uke reviews:
Brad Bordessa has some very good free introductory stuff for new players:
Brett McQueen also has a number of free lessons and info:
Member Choirguy also has a good free information resource:
But there are tons more.
Welcome to UU, KaPowaFie!
Try to find uke players locally. Joining a club or group will keep you motivated. You'll also have the opportunity to ask them to demonstrate how they hold the uke and transition between chords.
Aloha from Hawaii!!! Brand new actually to playing a ukelele and came across this site! Any tips or suggestions for someone new at it?? :)
Aloha KaPowaFie and welcome to Ukulele Underground. I suggest checking out local ukulele teachers and get together with players for Kanikapila and talk story with them.
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