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Mar 30, 2024
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Hi! My name is Mira. I am Indonesian living in Portugal. I play ukulele since 2013, but only since 2022, when I joined the Ukulele Social Club in my city, Coimbra, Portugal, I play it regularly. I am here to grow my grow my knowledge and hopefully hone my ukulele skills.
Greetings and welcome! I'm glad that you've found us. There are a lot of resources here and many, may members with a wealth of knowledge and experience who enjoy sharing what they know, so please feel free to ask questions!
Welcome to the UU Forum, Mira! The uke is a great instrument for learning and growing and this place can definitely help in all aspects! So many questions answered, fun conversation, and great examples of inspirational playing, techniques, theory, and more that can definitely help build and hone your skills!! Can't wait to see your journey!!!
Welcome Mira, so happy to decided to join!
Welcome to the UU Forum Mira. "Ukulele Social Club." I love the way that sounds: close and very friendly.
You will find lots of interesting discussions and information here.
Thank you all for the warm welcome! A lil bit about the Ukulele Social Club in Coimbra, it has become an awesome melting pot for locals and foreigners! Ukulele is indeed a great tool to socializing. Bonus point, the club also help us to improve our language skills. Lol.
Hi Bill! You've been in Coimbra? So nice! I agree, it's a very nice place to be :) If you are planning to go to Coimbra again, give me a shout out :D

Yes, we were driving from Porto to Lisbon and stopped for the afternoon in Coimbra. Unfortunately, we were not able to see everything the city has to offer. However, what we were able to see and experience was wonderful.
Welcome to UU, Mira!
I wish you lots of joy playing with your local ukulele group and reading these forums!
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