Greetings from Sydney


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Nov 18, 2019
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Sydney Australia
Hi everyone, my name is Mel and I am from Sydney. I have been playing uke for about six months, i never knew it could give me so much happiness!

I don't know anyone else who plays uke so my 2020 resolution is to chat with others who love this gorgeous instrument.

I am also hoping to link in with one or two local uke groups and next month i will be going to the blue mountains ukulele festival. I think its going to be an awesome year. Thanks!
Welcome Mel. I googled Sydney Ukulele group and there are apparently lots of groups around you. There is lots of activity in this forum, plus if you have access to Facebook lots of stuff there. Go forth and have lots of fun!
Welcome Mel. Need an escape from all the misery going on fown their, really sad. Hope all is well with you and family. You can learn alot at UU.
Thanks all for the welcome. Plunker you are right, it is the most dreadful bushfire season, we are safe but had many family and friends that were effected. Thanks for your wishes.