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Apr 1, 2014
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Southern California
I find that playing My Blueridge 6 or even my Kala TG while seated is very uncomfortable. I know the right leg and the left leg positions, but don’t care for them. So I’ve been using a classical guitar foot riser. Does anyone else use one? It works pretty well for me.

I‘d really rather stand, but that would cut my sessions short. I usta play most of my instruments while standing, but I get too tired now.
I can play seated for hours and don't use any specific positions. I just put the uke wherever it feels comfortable at the moment. Sometimes I even hold it up at the chest as if I was standing.
I put a thin strap on all mine, as there are certain chords I can't get fast enough when also holding the neck upright and the ukulele is too small to sit with naturally as a bigger guitar.
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I kick back in my recliner to play.

I'm probably doing it all wrong. :)
I have a strap on every one of my instruments, adding buttons as needed. I never have to think about how I'm holding them, makes no sense to me not to.

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So I’ve been using a classical guitar foot riser. Does anyone else use one? It works pretty well for me.

Lots of folks use a foot rest (or just books). It's a tried and true method of orienting the legs to support the guitar. However, in recent years, guitar supports are gaining more popularity over the foot rest because they allow you to place both foot level on the ground and some believe they are more ergo.
Clear, what is a guitar support? /// Oh, never mind, clear, I looked them up on Amazon. They’re pretty expensive and look a bit cumbersome. Besides, I already have a foot rest, and it works okay. Thanks anyway though.
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I have a plastic six pack cooler. I started using that at some point for a foot rest and it just sort of stuck. It isn't glamorous, but it is perfect height for me. I've been using it for years.
The problem that I have with a footrest is that it induces a curve into your spine when you raise your leg. This is not ergonomic and can create back problems.

Many classical guitarists have come to understand this and now avoid the footrest. The better solution is to use guitar supports.

I use three:
Alexandra Whittingham uses the Guitarlift. I heard that it's more stable than the Ergoplays.

Yeah, GVlog (?), I looked at them on Amazon, but they look cumbersome and they’re expensive and I already have the foot rest. I use it on a very low hole, and it works okay.

But, when I first got it, I had the habit of pushing down on it with my foot when I wanted to change my position. That, of course crushed it, and I had to stop playing and bend it back into shape — bummer! Nothing is perfect . . .
Perhaps this is a generational question? I remember seeing The New Christy Minstrels perform at The Troubadour in Hollywood back in the '60s. The tune was "Walk Right In, Sit Right Down." ----- They performed it standing up! :cool:
When I played more on wind instruments, I played standing. It was supposed to be better for one’s breathing, and I really preferred it.

Actually, I didn’t just stand but walked all over the place. All accept for my tuba; I have a special chair for it. But, little by little, I got tired standing for very long and different parts of the ol’ bod told me to sit the heck down — ahhh, well . . .

Pretty soon, I’ll be playing layin’ on my back — sigh . . .
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